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When I was a teenager, young, shy and without any kind of self confidence…
Ok let’s write this again.
When I was 14, six whole years ago!, I just didn’t like myself.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not madly in love with the way I look now.
But years, experiences and a couple of special words helped me to appreciate what I have.
Make up, while not being the most important thing in my life, helps me accept my appearance, highlighting my best features and hiding my flaws.

Back to the post.
Like I already told you, 14 was a critical age for me.
My mum made me a gift, a make up lesson.
She knew how I felt about myself, every insecurity I had.
She didn’t want me to start to wear tons of makeup, she didn’t want me to be somebody else.
But she knew that a little bit of mascara and some lipgloss could give me a boost of confidence.
Of that very special hour of lesson I remember just a couple of things:

– The lady that gave me that lesson was beautiful.
She didn’t have perfect features, she didn’t have the perfect body, she wasn’t dressed in the latest fashion trend.
She was herself, happy in her skin.

-Make up makes you feel good.
The scent of it, the colors, the packaging.
Toys for women.

One of the  products I bought that day, along with a brown eyeshadow, a mascara and a nude lipgloss, was a Dior powder.
I recently found it in a old make up bag.
I’ve been using it a couple of times since I’ve re found it.
It’s the Artistic Bronze shade, a blusher and highlighter in one, with a really soft texture.

What’s your first makeup related memory?

With love,


  1. Unknown says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for stopping by my blog x
    Fabulous post,the first time I ever wore make up was for my prom,I always felt too silly or shy to wear make up before that! And now I love it and im quite addicted.This is such a sweet and lovely post x
    Following your blog!

  2. Crazy for fashion says:

    Great post!I don´t remember the first time I used makeup, but I do remember before them how much I wanted to use it for years! <3<3

  3. caise says:

    upper secondary school, I was about 13-15, I don't remember exactly 😀

    but I was wearing only foundation (which was way too dark ;P:P because I'm VERY pale and all cheap foundations, even those the lightest were too dark for me:P ) at school we couldn't wear lipsticks and mascaras. then in high school on my first year nothing has changed because that time I was too lazy to put mascara because but from 2nd year I'm pretty addicted to mascara and all make-up 😛

  4. Molkinaify says:

    Mi ricordo che ero piccolissima, credo che andassi ancora in 4 o 5 elementare, e mia madre mi portò in una profumeria perchè doveva comprare qualcosina. Mi chiese consiglio perchè non riusciva a scegliere il colore per un ombretto, ed io le suggerii un meraviglioso grigio shimmer tendente al lavanda, ed estasiata dalle ciglia verdi della commessa, la esortai a prendere anche quel mascara colorato. Ancora oggi ho quel famoso ombretto e continuiamo ad usarlo tutte e due, è semplicemente meraviglioso <3

  5. S. says:

    @kayleigh: thanks xx
    @love sushi and fashion: hahahaha <3
    @caise: too dark foundation is a must for the first times hahah xx
    @molkinaify: che bellissima cosa <3 condividere qualcosa con le proprie mamme è sempre bello, specialmente se fa parte di un ricordo così tenero xx

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