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COLLEGE. YES, IT’S HAPPENING. Two of a kind vol I

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L. and I finally started college.
Sadly, we’re not attending the same course, so we can’t see each other every day.
And, even worse, we had to face a first-day-of-school by ourselves.
In this post I’m going to tell you how my first day was and L. is going to do the same very soon.
We’re starting a new series, along with the Weekly Pick! one, in which we’ll talk about the same subject with our different point of views.
The day before my BIG DAY I was a wreck.
In my mind I had huuuge confusion.

What to wear?
Will I make new friends?
Will I find my way in the various classes without getting lost?
Will I like every course I have?
Will I make myself ridiculous in front of everyone, spilling my coffee on my books?
Should I wear lipstick?

The next morning, a great news -sarcasm mode: ON-.
Trains strike.
How was I supposed to get in Milan?
I was just about to break down and cry when I double checked and found out that the strike was post posed.
When I finally reached my final destination, I found my class quite easily.
Ok, I’m cheating, I had had my Welcome Day for freshers in that very class, that’s why I found it.
My first lesson was Political Science and I just loved it.
After the first hour, I had to find out where the Political Economy was held.
I got lost.
And I refused to take with me my fresher’s map, it would have been just too embarrassing.
I met a couple of nice persons, so my big fear of ending up alone in a new place slowly started to fade.
I had another couple of lessons, Public Law and Sociology.
I really liked them, on the first day, and I’m liking them more and more.
So, I can say I’m truly happy with my new school life, it’s getting better and better.

Would you like to share with us your first day of high school/college/work?

With love,


  1. Molkinaify says:

    Dai andrà sempre meglio col passare del tempo riguardo i luoghi e le amicizie, peggio con le lezioni e lo studio invece xD

  2. caise says:

    good luck on college!

    Oh you're from Italy! 😀 I've been thinking about an Erasmus scholarship to Napoles next year but I can't say any word in Italian 😀

    oh this year I got my 'second first day' because I'm taking two courses at uni. haha and I forgot to wear classy clothes (because I have this official first day and at once my normal lessons on 3rd year) and I went there wearing jeans and an average t-shirt ;D luckily I was wearing my cute Melissa flats and I got also my trench coat with so I put it on and it was so warm and I was sitting wearing my coat trying to hide my pink tshirt 😀

  3. S. says:

    @molkinaify: hahahhaha si, hai proprio ragione!!

    @caise: Tell us if you'll come!! hahahhaah you're trench saved your day!

  4. Alicia says:


  5. S. says:


  6. Maryam Maquillage says:

    Congrats on entering college!!! Love the cute cartoon and it is soooo fitting to college life haha :)))

  7. Crazy for fashion says:

    You will do very well I am sure! <3<3

  8. caise says:

    I've been thinking about next year 😀 from October 2012 😀

  9. S. says:

    @maryam: yes it is hahah

    @love sushi and fashion: let's hope so! xx

    @caise: let us know!!

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