LAZY SUNDAY- Weekly pick vol. I

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I don’t really like this particular day of the week.

I just can’t manage to do all the things I’d like to and I usually end up reading and sleeping
Anyway, today I spent some time on the web, browsing various websites.
And here’s the result of those hours, a pointless post.
I’m going to show you what I’d like to buy this winter, things that I’ve been wanting for ages and things that I’ve just found.


Here’s the first product.
I found it on asos and I really like it.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about abandoning my old trusted jeans.
I feel like they’re part of my high-school life, I want to grow up in every aspect of my life.

This particular dress has the kind of neck I really like, I have a lot of jumpers with that type of neck.


Anniel shoes!
You can find them here.
I really really like this kind of shoes, they look so cute!
The gorgeous Voyage Regine by Marc Jacobs.
Yes, it’s expensive.
And I’m never going to buy it, at least not in this life.
But I still love it.
Just looking at it makes me smile.
Well, goodbye beautiful.
I haven’t tried anything from TopShop makeup yet but I would really like to.
I saw this particular collection, Smoke & Mirrors, and I fell in love with it.
I’d really like to try the following items:
Really really like the color. Have you tried it?
This highlighter looks interesting, but I need your help girls!
Do you like it?
I just bought Watts Up! by Benefit, so I don’t really think I need it.
Another brand I’ve never tried is Illamasqua.
I’ve read tons of reviews about it and I really can’t wait to try something.
The Teathre Of The Nameless collection looks just amazing.
These are the products I’d like to have:


Nail Varnish in Vice
Cream Pigment in Androgen



But, what I would really like to have this winter is not something you can buy.

I wish that everyone I love could have a happy winter.
And I wish that to you too, my lovely reader.
With love,
P.S. this post is the first of a new series: Weekly Pick. It’s going to be a series of posts about what we’d like to have/ dream to have. What do you think about it?



  1. luvrin says:

    The lip colour looks pretty! We don't have a TopShop here (yet). I thought it was a clothing store?! Would be great to see their whole range once it opens here 🙂

  2. S. says:

    It is a clothing store but with its own make-up range!
    You can see the whole range online 😀

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