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I just realized I haven’t show you my satchel yet!
I had to make up, so I just took a picture and here it is!

Yes, it’s green.
This is probably the most colorful accessory I  own.
Actually, it now competes with one of the best christmas presents I received, a gorgeous Kate Spade purple wallet that I just LOVE.
Anyway, I’m always dressed in neutral colors and my make up is neutral as well, so I decided that I could dare to use such a bright beauty.
Yesterday I was window shopping -online- on the Liberty site and I found this:

This Leopard Print Cracked Leather Satchel just caught my eye and my hearth.
I know it’s probably  useless, I already have a over the top satchel but I can’t help loving it.
Do you like it?
Tell me in the comments!
With love,



  1. caise says:

    I love this green satchel!

  2. S. says:

    So happy you like it hun xx

  3. LaDama Bianca says:

    No, direi che non sono proprio il mio genere.

  4. kumiko mae says:

    Oh my goodness i have been seeing that satchel around town and wow your green one is just stunning!!! *followed*

  5. S. says:

    LaDamaBianca, non sono sicuramente un accessorio per tutti 🙂

    Kimiko, thanks hun! A lot of strangers came to me asking where I bought it and if they could take a pic 😀 xxx

  6. The Glamorous Smoothie says:

    è bellissima!! ma l'hai presa proprio dal loro sito? quanto ci hanno messo a fartela arrivare?? baciii

  7. S. says:

    No tesoro l'ho presa in un negozio di Bergamo che le tiene ogni tanto!
    Il sito della Cambridge Satchel Company spedisce in Italia però!

  8. The Glamorous Smoothie says:

    si ho visto! senti ma quanto è grande?

  9. S. says:

    Questa è sui 40 cm e dovrebbe essere la più grande!

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