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You may have noticed that my giveaway has disappeared. it’s not a mistake and you don’t live in Italy you may think I’ve gonne mad.
Well, I didn’t.
But, in Italy, giveaway has to be’ certfied by a solicitor, that has to be payed 400 €.
If that doesn’t happen, fines go from 50000 € up to 500000 €.
I wasn’t aware of this, but I just can’t understand why Italy has to stand out in a bad way, again.
I hope you’ll understand.
I’ll extract te winner as soon as possible.
Ho chiuso il giveaway, sono sicura che avrete letto le polemiche su tant blog quindi non mi dilungo.
L’Italia si distingue in negativo, ancora una volta.
Farò un’estrazione appena possibile, il mio pc è momentaneamente morto, vi scrivo dall’ipad e faccio un po’ fatica, sono l’antitecnologia!

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