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When Benefit came out with their skincare line, my skin screamed with joy.
I’ve never been really interested in my skin, I just love makeup, removing it from my face was the closest thing to skincare I ever did.
But my love for Benefit made me give it a shot.
I bought most of the products in my latest london trip and the rest today, at the local Sephora.
This line is affordable, easy to use and it actually works.
Here’s what Benefit’s official site says about it.
The Triple Performing Facial Emulsion with SPF 15 is just great.
It’s light on my skin, it makes me feel hydrated and I loved it in this long and hot summer.
The It’s Potent! Eye Cream it’s perfect for my dark circles, since I’ve started using it my darkcircles situation it’s getting better. 
The Refined Finish Facial Polish helps me brighten up my skin and it’s probably the product I like the most.

Today I bought the Remove It Make Up Remover and the Total Moisture Face Cream, my skin is quite dry in autumn/winter time.
Have you tried any product from this line?
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