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MAC- Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad

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This eyeshadow quad was part of the MAC LE that came out last autumn.
Fabulous, glamorous, something, whatever, felines.
I just can’t keep up with Mac collections.
Anyway, I feel like talking with you about this product because I really like it.
I know I’m boring but I just love brown/nude shades.


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I’ve been quite sick in the last few days and I can’t stand being stuck at home anymore.
Anyway, I managed to study quite a lot, so today I’m just going to read my new book, catch up with the blogs I love and show you my latest wishes.

I just love this palette.
You can find the full Lagerfeld’s line here.
In my opinion, the palette is the best product.
Karl-shaped eyeshadows, do I need to say more?


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You’ve already read my bla bla bla about how much I love Chanel’s products/packaging.
I feel the very same way about this quad.
But first, here’s what Chanel says about their quad:

“One essential compact offers unlimited eye looks, with shade combinations that range from matte to satin to shimmer. Versatile smudge-proof formula can be applied dry for subtle shading, or dampened for more intense colour, all with long-wearing results — in even extreme climates. Dermatologist tested.”


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I’d love to be a bad girl.

Actually I’m not a good girl, either.
I’m something in between.
Anyway, around Christmas, I found at my Sephora my two first Sleek’s palette: Good Girl and Bad Girl.

So far, I basically haven’t touched the GG but I’ve used a lot the BG one.

I just don’t know how to use all those red and pink on my eyes, I need your advice!


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I love Essence’s limited edition products and the 50’s collection was oh so pretty!   I bought two eyeshadows duo out of the three available:  03 Come on board captain!


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As I’ve previously said, my makeup is totally boring. I love bright colors but, somehow, I always end up using neutral shades. Today I’ll talk with you about my fave


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My make up is, most of the times, boring. I have every sort of colorful eyeshadow, glittery eyeliners, bright lipsticks. So, almost everyday, I settle for a brownish eye look,