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This product, The Hopeless Romantic by Too Faced was probably one of the best bargain I’ve ever made.
I bought it at Sephora a couple of years for 10 euro.



I love the packaging and I TOTALLY ADORE the product description made by Too Faced:

“It was all she could do to get through the day without a man’s touch. She craved their gentle kisses their firm caresses and the chocolates diamonds and champagne that followed. It was Valentine’s Day everyday and this glamour girl knew how to shoot that stupid cupid’s arrow straight through any man’s heart! A bulls-eye every time and another notch on this Val’s bed post.”

I used to laugh by myself while doing my make up everytime I read it.
Yes I’m a creep.
Anyway, I’ve made a quick research and I found some interesting facts about the Quickie Chronicles.
Here’s what I found:
” According to Sephora, company founder Jerrod Blandino was inspired by a documentary on 1950’s “pin-up” magazines.  Each of these limited-edition palettes (only 7,000 of each are made), has a different story written by Blandino on the back to express the personality of the woman on the front, and by extension, the makeup look the palette colors will provide. “

I love the four eyeshadows in it, a bright pink, a light one, a dark brown and deep gray one.
The glosses are super cute and well pigmented, the blushes have great color.
I don’t really like the bronzer and the highlighter but I barely ever use them.
Do you own any of the Quickie Chronicles?

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  1. Molkinaify says:

    Non l'ho mai visto!! Io adoro questi kit, sono piccoli e completi, e li preferisco di gran lunga ai prodotti full size che non finirò mai…

  2. S. says:

    Si, sono un'ottima opportunità per provare un sacco di prodotti diversi, spesso a prezzi veramente interessanti!

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