Today's post is a little random, I just didn't feel like talking about beauty stuff!
Do share your fall non beauty favorites in the comments, I love getting to know you more.

Il post di oggi è random, non avevo voglia di parlare di trucchi e affini.
È solo in inglese ma è molto basic e la maggior parte delle immagini si spiegano da sole, vero?
Parliamo di preferiti del mese non di bellezza, condividete anche i vostri nei commenti!

Avocado, tons of it.

Black chocolate

ikea Cookies

Days spent without time to stop and complain about everything

Evenings with my best friend, watching American Horror Story

thinking about my Future

a Glass of wine (or two)

a Hand of Fatima tattoo that I really want to get in the near future

Islands that are still there for me, whenever I can go back to them

orange homemade Jam

Knowledge that I can still store in my brain, I thought I’d lost the ability to

learning that I’ll never be a Leader but that’s ok, too

Major changes that don’t scare me anymore, not that much

Notes left from my best friend and housemate, little things that always make me smile

trying to Organise my life and my everyday chores and almost making it

Partying and loving it -not so much the day after but hey-

understanding what Quality time means, not having nearly enough time and having to make the most of it taught me a lot

Reading in bed before going to sleep, ending up falling asleep too late and hating life

Small furry animals that always make me laugh

forgetting that I’ve turned Twenty-three and just saying random numbers to people

never getting Used to the good things in life

falling in love with Voices

making Wishes

my warm Zara scarf