I love reading, I've started when I was 4 and never stopped since.
I read every kind of book and I read all the time, it's one of my greatest passions.
As you can see my library is a mess. I always promise myself I'll rearrange it but I never actually do it.

My bedside hosts the books that I haven't read yet, waiting for a time when I'll have more time to read just for my personal pleasure and less books to study for university.

And here it is, the Kindle.
It was a gift from my brother, I would have never bought it by myself.
Before I had it I thought that I would never like it.
I love touching my books, looking at the cover, I love the smell of them..
Anyway, since I've had my Kindle I've slightly changed my mind.
I still buy *normal* books, but on Amazon I can find books that are not available in Italy, which is great.

Do you like reading?
What do you think about ebooks?

With love,