Today I'm going to talk with you about a makeup product that I really love and that I hope you'll love too.
Infact, I bought three Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow for our upcoming giveaway!
They're not the only products that are included in the prizes, we've got little things by Essence, Catrice, H&M and many more as well.
At the moment I'm in London, shopping for me and for your gifts, so be prepared!
The prizes are not in the following pics, I'm going to show you them in another post!

Here are the stick eyeshadows I currently own.
I've tried MAC shadesticks but I just hate them.
I can't blend them at all, the color doesn't really last on my lid..
A big disappointment!
So when I bought my first stick eyeshadow I didn't really expect much.
You can only imagine my surprise when I realized this product was on a whole different level.
They last FOREVER, and I mean it.
I can wear the brown one at 7 am in the morning, when I'm getting ready for university, and when I'm home at 5 pm it's still on my lid, ready to be upgraded as a base for my smoky night eye make up.
They dry quite fast but you have enough time to blend them.
Well, if my very clumsy self finds the time to blend them I guess anybody could blend them and do their whole makeup in that very amount of time.
Let's talk about the shades I own!

25: This particular eyeshadow was part of a limited edition, that's why it has a different packaging! It's a super light taupe, probably the shade I use less.
19: A dark grey, with silver glitters in it, perfect as a base for a smoky eye.
05: I don't really know how to describe this beauty. It's a light brown with golden shimmer AND just an hint            of pink. One of the best color i've ever seen.
04: This is a dark chocolate shade, with gold shimmer in it. I love using it by itself, it's just perfect.

So I totally recommend you these products! If you can't find Kiko in your town stay tuned for our uocoming giveaway!

With love,