I've never actually gave Lush a chance.
I've tried some random products but I never found that WOW product that made me fall in love with this brand.
My sister bought me for Christmas a couple of the gifts sets and luckly for my skin, and sadly for my wallet -I can already see my bathroom full of Lush products- , I'm really liking them.
This is the first review about the products I'm trying and loving.
Tiny Hands Solid Hand Cream is the best hands product I've ever tried.
This is my brother's dog, wondering why I'm walking around with a fake hand in my hands

I've been using different hand creams, during the winter time it's the product I reach for every single day.
It needs to be held in your hands for a few seconds and there you are, you're hands will be perfectly soft and hydrated.
I really appreciate the fact that it doesn't leave your hands greasy, so I would definitely recommend it!

What are your favorite Lush products?
With love,