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Flashback Silver

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L’Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows are really conquering me! I’ve read about this product for the first time on Make up and Macaroons in september and I’ve read a great review

MAC- Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad

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This eyeshadow quad was part of the MAC LE that came out last autumn.
Fabulous, glamorous, something, whatever, felines.
I just can’t keep up with Mac collections.
Anyway, I feel like talking with you about this product because I really like it.
I know I’m boring but I just love brown/nude shades.

Benefit-Dessert First

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I bought this lipstick this summer, during Seohora’s sales, for half its price, so I was doubly happy. Here’s what Benefit says about their silky finish lipsticks: Our flattering silky finish


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Hey girls!
Have you finished your Christmas shopping?
I’m almost done, I just need to get a couple of things.
Christmas is on Sunday, can you actually  believe it?
Anyway, I’m going to show you my latest wishes, reading Teen Vogue december/january issue kind of inspired this week post, I’ve quite enjoyed every feature.

I know, I should be too old for Santa.
But still, I love watching my sister’s children opening their presents, it makes me feel like I’m 5 again and I love sharing their excitement.
This sweatshirt, while being really ugly, perfectly represents what I mean.

The Porefessional

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When it first came out, I really didn’t want to buy this product.

I usually don’t believe in life-changing products, so I stubbornly decided that I’ll just avoid the Benefit counter for a couple of weeks.
But a lovely sales assistant at Sephora basically forced me to try it.
Well she didn’t actually force me, I just can’t say no when someone volunteers to put something on my face/eyes/whatever.
I was wearing foundation, the girl put a tiny amount of product on the critical spots, yes nose I’m talking about you, and I was truly amazed.
I have quite good skin but I have a pore problem on my nose and The Porefessional solves it.

I just can’t get enough

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I love Chanel and I’ve already told you about my passion for this brand.
Lately, I fell fot the Illusion d’Ombre Eyeshadows.
I bought the first one for my birthday and my dad gifted me another one a couple of weeks ago.
Let me tell you something.
 I know everybody already talked about these beauties, but I still want to share with you my thoughts!