I've already told you about my love for Chanel cosmetics.
In this post I'll show you a Christmas gift present that my dad got me.
Actually I was with him, but still.

The first product is a lipstick from the Rouge Allure Velvet, in the La Somptueuse shade.
This is my first matt lispstick and I really like it.
It's a warm red, quite dark.

The Murano Quadra Eyeshadow was actually picked by my dad. I was looking at quad with my usual colors, brown/beige/champagne/boring, but he chose this one.
If even my father realizes that I always use the same shades it's really time for a change.
This quad has three green shades and a light pink one.
The green shades look quite wearable, they're not too bright, so I guess they'll help me to experiment a little bit.

The last product is my first Chanel blush,, Joues Contraste in Reflex.
It's a light coral blush with gold shimmer in it and it's just beautiful.

Would you a like a review on any of these products?

With love,