The title is a quotation by Pope Gregory I.
While I wonder in which contest he said such words, I can surely affirm that, if we cease to blush, there are a couple of tools that can help us.
Today, I'm going to talk with you  about two Essence's blush.

They're part of two different lines.
Babydoll is a Silky Touch Blush.

I really like this blush, it's a pink/coral color and it can be easily layered, letting you decide if you want a light effect or a heavier one.
It lasts all day on my skin, which is great.
I highly recommend this product!

How cute is that? is a Multicololour Blush.

This blush blends easily and can be layered just as the other one but..
It vanishes!
After only one hour, I just can't find it on my cheeks anymore.

So, to regain the most powerful charm of your beauty, go for a Silky Blush!

What's your fave blush?

With love,