Weekly Pick vol. V

Hey girls!
Have you decided your outfit for tomorrow night?
I still don't know what I'm going to wear, I'm pretty desperate actually.
I'm going to a party at a friend's house, which means I have to dress up but not too much.
I guess I'll just throw myself in my wardrobe, hoping for the best.
Anyway, here are some of the things I fell in love with in the last days.

I love this Alexander Mc Queen clutch.
The skull, the Union Jack, PERFECTION.

I've never tried false eyelashes, I already know that it would be a disaster.
I'd probably end up with them stuck in my eyes or in my cocktail.
Anyway, these looks sooo amazing!

This Marc by Marc Jacobs dress caught my eye as soon as I saw it.
It looks like a grown-up dress, I love black lace.
I'm way too young (read: clumsy) to wear this gorgeous dress.
In my hands it would end up ruined.

This NYX palette is so cute!
I like the eyeshadows in it, they're colorful but not too much, the bronzer look great and I love leopard print.

This Moritz Glick necklace is something I'll never afford.
Well, maybe if I sell my brother, my two sisters, my rabbit and my car..
No, not there yet.
I'm not a jewellery girl, I'm happy with my H&m earrings, but this diamonds and sapphires beauty stole my heart.
Well, with its £8,995.00 price tag, I guess I won't have it back.

I've read wonders about this foundation/skin perfector by Chantecaille and I'd love to try it.

I know this asymmetric top may not look like anything special but I really like it.

I've read good reviews about this Soap and Glory concealer and I'd like to give it a shot, it comes at a good price and it sounds perfect for dark circles.

Hope you're all doing great!

With love,