When I'm sad or just tired, there are a couple of things that always manage to cheer me up.
Spending time with my family, talking with my closest friends, reading a good book.
When I don't have time to do al those great things, I often rely on makeup to change my day, even if only a little bit.
Wearing THAT lipstick, applying THAT blush and this kind of things always make me smile.
Another product that has this effect is a 17 Glitter eyeshadow.

It was part of the Femme Noir kit, which included a lipgloss and an eyeliner.
Anyway, this product is becoming one of my fave eheshadows for my nightout/Ihavetimetoapplyonlyoneeyeproduct look.
It's a dark grey shade, with tons of silver glitter in it.
I've been using it by itself, when in a real hurry, or paired with a black matte eyeshadow to create a smoky look.

Have you tried this product?

With love,