I keep staring at this pic.
I'd love to be there, sleeping, reading, tanning and relaxing.
Instead, I'm stuck in this freezing weather!

I like my tanned skin, I know that tanning is not good for your skin, I swear I do.
But I can't help thinking that everybody looks better with a little bit of tan on their skin.
I probably would never manage to use self tanner on my body, but luckily bronzer helps me making look my face alive.
Today I'm going to talk with you about one of my favourite bronzer.

Actually, it's a blush.
It's a Blusher in Bronze, so that makes it a Bronzer I guess.
Anyway, I really like this product.
It's really cheap, like every H&M make up product.
It gives a great glowy effect and it has the right amount of shimmer in it.
I'm not a makeup pro, but with this product I manage to create a nice healthy complexion, without looking like a character from Jersey Shore.

Have you tried this product?
With love,