L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows are really conquering me!
I've read about this product for the first time on Make up and Macaroons in september and I've read a great review on Recensioni Cosmetiche -for italian readers only!-.
I instantly fell in love with Flashback Silver and I knew I had to buy it!

Here's what L'oreal has to say about this product:

Infallible Eyeshadows contain ultra concentrated colour pigments, for an intense colour finish. Additional binders (oils) coat and magnify the colour pigments revealing beautiful shimmer and maximized colour. The colour adheres to the eyelid as durably and comfortably as a second skin and lasts for up to 24hrs.
With a formulation that lies between the comfort of a cream and the ease of application of a powder, infallible eyeshadow melts gently from the fingertips to the eye lid on application. The result is a luxurious, velvety texture.

I love the shade I picked, a great silver with a liliac undertone, I've used it mostly by itself.
I've been using it without applying a primer before and it hasn't creased on my lid.
I think I'm going to get other shades, I really like Goldmine, Endless Chocolat and Sahara Treasure.
Have you tried these shadows?
What's your fave color?

With love,