I'm not really into nail care.
I mean, I love nail polishes. I love watching other girls nails creations but I'd never be able to recreate them!
My nail routine consists of using any nail file I happen to find around and applying my nail polish.
This product changed my nail routine, it makes my nail polish last ages.

Here's what the official site says about it:

"the top sealer will make your nails shine and seals the gel-look. you can apply it twice for an extra smooth finish."

Another thing I appreciate about this product is the price, it's really cheap, like every Essence product.
It dries reaaaaaaaly fast, which is another good thing, at least for my super-busy unorganised self.
My nailpolish lasts up to six days with this top sealer, which is just great.

Have you tried this product?
With love,