You already know I mainly use neutrals colors.
But sometimes, rarely, I like to play a little.
I've already told you that I've been using some green eye products this summer, today I'm going to talk with you about my fave pink/purple products. 
First of all, My Dark Magic from the MAC Venomous Villain LE.
It's a beautiful duo, with a dark purple and a lighter one on a black base.
I've been using it by itself, is just perfect that way.
Another product I really like is a Shiseido Hydro Power Shadow in Spring Plum, H4.
It has a great texture and it lasts a lot on my lids.
The color is quite special, plum with a green hint, I really like it.
I've been using it as a base or by itself and liked it both ways.
The last product in this post is Togetherness from the In The Groove LE.
It's a great trio, with a light liliac -my favorite color!-, a purple shade and a mid-tone grey.
It's a great combo and I really like it.
Have you tried any of these products?

With love,