That's a great opening line don't you think?
I've seen thousands and thousands of tutorial, read every single tip I could find on the web, but still..
I'd love to go out rocking this look:


I'm not Eva Mendes, sigh, but that perfect black line seems like something I could achieve..
When I give it a shot I often end up looking like this:

Somehow, my eyeliner is all over my face and I end up transforming my cat eye-wannabe in a boring-smoky eye.
Anyway, I have a couple of great eyeliners.
Products that I usually buy for trying -and failing- to get the cute kitty look.
My inability to recreate what I want it's not my babies fault (yes, I'm quite attached to my makeup, but who cares) but mine.
So here are my fave eyeliners:

Midnight In Paris by Essence is MAC's BlackTrack cheapest brother. 
It goes on just as smoothly and lasts all day long.
Essence's Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is REALLY waterproof, perfect for when I know that I'm going to cry. And I do cry a lot, so I've tested it quite well.
I like these products but I simply ADORE MAC's Superslick Liquid Eyeliners.
I bought the first one, Marked For Glamour, with the Feline LE.
Yes these cats are like a persecution.
Anyway, it's a great eyeliner, super easy to apply and with a great color.
A month ago I bought my second SLE, Desires & Devices and I can't way to get my hand on the next one. I'm in love with Signature Blue, what do you think? 

With love,