I'm still waiting for my Pottermore mail.
Harry has been a great part of my childhood, he taught me a lot about life, friendship and love.
I loved everything about those seven books, not quite everything about the movies, I could reread them once a year.
Actually that's what I'm currently doing, Harry Potter & TOOTP is on my bedside table.
But please Joanne, please, not Hufflepuff.
Gryffindor is, of course, my dream. 
But I can see that "daring, nerve, and chivalry" are not quite my thing.

So make it Ravenclaw.
I don't know if I'm "wit and learning" as the Sorting Hat would say, but was Lockhart that wit?

I could even accept Slytherin.
After all, Snape wasn't that bad and I look nice in green and silver.

But Hufflepuff.
I hate Finch-Fletchey, MacMillan, I don't even like Tonks that much -I guess I'm just jealous, she can change her features when she wants to- .
I hate the guy, I hate Pattinson, I hate Cullen.
Please, please, not Hufflepuff.
Have you been sorted yet?
With love,