Dark Diversion

By S. - 26.2.12

I absolutely love this color.
A darkened reddish brown with plum shimmer.
I basically never use this.
I look at it, swatch it and stop.
I think this product is amazing but I don't really know how to use this.
I'm a black eyeliner kind of girl, what can I do?
How would you use this product?
Girls help me out!

Amo assolutamente questo colore.
Un rosso/marrone scuro con dello shimmer prugna.
Non lo uso praticamente mai.
Lo guardo, lo swatcho e basta.
Penso che questo prodotto sia fantastico ma non so bene come usarlo.
Sono una ragazza da eyeliner nero, che ci posso fare?
Come usereste questo prodotto?
Ragazze aiutatemi!

With love,,

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8 commenti

  1. Its a gorgeous colour honey,u can try using in under lower lashline for an instant pop of colour <3

  2. I'll give it a shot that way Sharon, great idea! xxx

  3. Cool colour.. and Ive probably said it before.. but I really love your blog design!.. x Im following!

  4. Yolandaas you'te so sweet! I have a great friend that manages te blog's design, I'm so lucky! Thanks for following xx

  5. Lovely colour maybe put it on as eyeliner like normal and then get a black eyeliner and closely line to your lash line as thinn as you can that way you can still see the colour but your still have your black on :) hope that helps x

  6. Hollie that's a great idea actually! Thanks for the tip :) xx

  7. Se ti piace tanto lo potresti usare anche come base per un trucco marrone o borgona, oppure abbinarlo ad un trucco naturale per renderlo un pochino diverso dal solito.

    1. Buona idea Patri! Grazie del consiglio :) un bacio


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