"YOU DON'T NEED IT!" "But it's cute!"

By S. - 5.1.12

NO! PIC NOT MINE! Found it somewhere on tumblr!

Lately, I realized that my makeup collection is complete.
I mean, I don't have everything.
Nobody does, well maybe Christine from Temptalia does.
I have everything I need, the perfect foundation, the perfect concealer, tons of eyeshadows, nude-pink-red lipsticks, various blushes.
I'm trying not to buy expensive stuff that I don't need -except somebody buys them for me- but when I find something really cheap, even if I don't need it, I usually end up buying it.
Today I'm going to show you one of my latest purchase, a cute eyeshadows palette by H&M, called: All this and beauty.

This palette has four shades and I really like them all.
The first one is a white eyeshadow with a lot of gold shimmer in it, I've been using it as highlighter.
The second shade is an antique pink and it's probably the one I like the most.
The third shade is a really light pink and, in my opinion, is the less interesting color in this palette.
The fourth and last shade is a silver shade with gold shimmer in it, which makes it a really cute color.
I've used this palette with a primer underneath and they lasted all day.

Do you like H&M makeup products?

With love,

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7 commenti

  1. Io ho un paio di ombretti con cui mi trovo discretamente invece palette non ne ho mai provate.

  2. that's me all the time, telling myself that I don't need it, but can't stop myself from getting it... haha

  3. Provale se ti capita Franci, non ti troverai male :)

    We're terrible Maryam hahahahah

  4. So true, you dont need it but you want it soooo much! x

  5. hey just followed your blog. Thanks for visting and commenting on my blog. Love the way you have put up your blog.

  6. AllThingsBeauty, we have the same problem!

    Thanks Saumya! Glad you like it! xxx

  7. That is an awesome makeup collection picture... just wished it were mine :)



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