H&M Concealer

By S. - 9.1.12

I love high end products but I love finding great products for a little price even more.
This H&M concealer is one of the best concealer I've ever tried.
It perfectly covers my dark circles so yay!

And finally we have it! D&M first swatch! Yay!
I just didn't know how to get the right light, but in this pic the color is true the original so let's celebrate!
It lasts a lot on my skin and I think it can be a good eyeshadow base, I've tried it a couple of times and I've quite liked it.
Let me know if you tried this product!
With love,

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7 commenti

  1. Great review hun,their concealer is way too light for me. Wish they cater for brown gals too

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  3. That sounds really good, thanks for the review, I'll have to check that out :)

  4. oo I have seen it in my local H&M
    I'm pale as hell so it seems it could be good for me;)

  5. Try it, Replica!

    It should work for you Caise!


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