Clinique-Lid Smoothie in Currant Affair

By S. - 12.1.12

Hey girls!
Today I'm going to talk with you about a product I really like, Clinique Lid Smoothie -I love this name- in Currant Affair.
Oggi vi parlerò di un porodotto che mi piace molto, il Lid Smoothie -amo questo nome- di Clinique in Currant Affair.
First of all: it's REFRESHING!
The applicator it's metal, so that's why. I actually prefer using a brush to apply this but the applicator it's not that bad.
Prima di tutto: è RINFRESCANTE!
L'applicatore è di metallo, ecco perchè. Preferisco però usare un pennello per applicarlo ma l'applicatore non è così male.
These swatches are killing me.
I think this color is really pretty,a metallic taupe. The only bad thing it's that, on my lids, it doesn't last as much as it claims -eight hours- but around four hours.
Penso che questo colore sia molto carino, un taupe metallico. L'unica cosa brutta è che, sulle mie palpebre, non dura tanto quanto promette -otto ore- ma attorno alle quattro.
Have you tried this product? Do you like it?
Avete provato questo prodotto? Vi piace?

With love,

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9 commenti

  1. Love the shade! It happens to me as well, is very dificult to find a shade that lasts long enough! Kisses <3<3

  2. Thanks for the comment.. loving your new design !! x

  3. Aw thanks so much for your lovely comment,I'll let my sis know you said that :D
    Loving metallics and this looks gorgeous,metallics seem to be in at the mo and I Love it x
    Hope you have a fab weekend x

  4. never even heard of this product... thanks for sharing!!

  5. Your sister is amazing Kayleigh :)
    Wishing you a fab weekend as well xxx

    If you see it give it a chance Maryam! I can only imagine what gorgeous makeup you would create with it! xxx

  6. Non ne avevo ancora sentito parlare, il color taupe mi piace molto. Ma ci metti una base sotto o lo usi direttamente?

  7. it looks beautiful! gonna try it out

  8. Franci lo uso sempre con la base!

    It's really cute Caise :)


Thanks for commenting <3