MAC- Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad

By S. - 22.12.11

This eyeshadow quad was part of the MAC LE that came out last autumn.
Fabulous, glamorous, something, whatever, felines.
I just can't keep up with Mac collections.
Anyway, I feel like talking with you about this product because I really like it.
I know I'm boring but I just love brown/nude shades.

Wild By Nature is a nude brown with a matt finish, it looks slightly lighter than it actually is.
Notoriety is a dark brown with gold shimmer in it. 
When applied, the shimmer is really subtle.
Style Predator is probably the only orange eyeshadow I own, I hate this color, but I strangely love it!
Furiously Fabulous is a dark brown/grey-almost black shade.
Yes, I don't really know how to define a colour but I love this shade!
I know this post is probably useless but I really like this quad and I felt like sharing my thoughts with you!

What's your opinion on MAC limited editions?
With love,


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  1. I want to try them :(

    I love your new blog layout:)

  2. cute layout!!! very professional and sleek :))

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