By S. - 13.10.11

Another great gift I received this month was a selection of the MAC Me Over! LE, gifted by D.

He gave me a few great products, just the one I would've bought for myself.

The lipstick is Rebel. A dark berry, with a satin finish that I truly like.
I think is the perfect color for winter and it feels great on my lips.
The nailpolish is Deep Sea, a dark teal that I really like.
Just like the lipstick, it's perfect for the cold season.
I love MAC's fluidline, it's The Eyeliner.
I couldn't not love Dark Diversion, it's a plum/burgundy color, it's opaque and I really like it.
I've been using it a lot of times since I've received and I think I'll keep on using it for a long, long time.
The last product is a MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadows, in Weathered. 
A great shade, somewhere between blue and gray.
Have you tried any of these products?
Would you like a review on any of these?

With love,

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6 commenti

  1. Mi piace molto il Rebel, ha un colore perfetto per l'autunno!

  2. this grey eyeshadow looks amazing

  3. @molkina: sono d'accordo!!
    @caise: it's wonderful, I've been using it in the last two days and loved it!

  4. @disturbed style: they are :)
    @ladamabianca: anche a meee :D un regalo azzecato!


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